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Welcome To Card Games For Preschoolers Shop

If you teach preschoolers and are looking to fill in those transition times with and activity that is easy to use, provides variety to keep learning fresh, engages the child in the learning process, accommodates each child at his or her academic level and teaches a multiple number of learning objectives in a short amount of time order:

Transitional Card Games & Transitional Card Games II
Both kits are available with two separate supply options
Start here Transitional Card Games
Option 1 – complete kit – 20 plastic balls, 10 clothespins, 51 cards, 1 pencil, game booklet Price $19.99
Transitional Card Games ll Option 1 – 4 plastic balls, 1 pencil, 51 cards, game booklet Price $19.99

Our Products

Both Card Game Booklets promote kindergarten readiness by offering a different way of teaching in a fun one -on one manner.
Transitional Card Games are short interactive games that provide one – on – one positive bonding time between teacher & student or parent & child
By playing these games in your spare time at home or during classroom transition times you will: learn how to teach to teach a multiple number of learning objectives in a small amount of time, have the ability to challenge each student at his or her academic level, engage the student with an interactive activity, increase the students listening & concentration skills by following multiple step directions throughout all four levels in each game

How to use the Card Games in the classroom or at home

Each booklet contains 5 different games with a picture diagram to set up the cards. All 4 levels of instruction have spaces where you fill in the number or letter sound that will be called out to the student.
In an open space in the classroom or at home, set up the cards, balls, etc., to match the picture diagram of your choice.
Fill in the spaces of the numbers or letter sounds you selected under the learning level for that student.
Call out the directions as the student moves about through the card set up practicing multiple learning objectives.

Coming Soon: Letter Number Ball Toss

This product is a letter/number ball toss game designed as a fun and educational way to enhance gross motor skills. This product was designed and patent by Mike Melo. Redesigned for manufacturing by Davison Design.

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