Transitional Card Games

Transitional Card Games


Like the first booklet Card Games II also offers 5 different games, providing variety to hold student interest. All the games have colored diagrams, and each of the 4 levels of instruction are written in different colors, making changing levels easy to follow.
The biggest difference with this booklet is that it’s more theme oriented. For example, each games focuses on horizontal lines, vertical lines, combining the horizontal and vertical lines to understand how to use a chart, uppercase lowercase matching using a shape, parts of a line beginning, middle, end of a line.
As children are learning their way through the various games and levels of instruction, thy are practicing and becoming more efficient in these following areas of development:

Fine Motor – manipulating cards within a stack
placing individual balls to form horizontal and vertical lines
Gross Motor – following instructions, moving about through the diagrams
ball handling skills
Early Mathematics – identify specific numerals, distinguish between numbers and letters, identify a specific shape
Literacy – matching sounds to letters (phonics), matching uppercase to lowercase letters, distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters
Other Skills – becoming familiar with how to use a chart, direction of a vertical or horizontal line, identify where the beginning, middle, end of a line is, building listening & concentration skills by following multiple step directions, ordinal numbers, inside and outside, the ordinal position behind,


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Transitional Card Games & Transitional Card Games II
Both kits are available with two separate supply options
Start here Transitional Card Games

Transitional Card Games ll Option 1 – 4 plastic balls, 1 pencil, 51 cards, game booklet


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