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Card Games For Preschoolers

Teach letters, numbers, listening & concentration skills, following directions and other learning objectives during unused time throughout the day.
These card games enable the teacher or parent to:

  • Work one – on – one with each child in a fun, interactive way
  • Learn a method of teaching a multiple number of learning objectives in a short amount of time
  • Play a variety of educational games that accommodate four different academic levels without making set up changes to the game

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Card Games For Preschoolers Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Using clothespins clip together the upper and lower letters that make this sound.

Matching Sounds To Letters

Pick up three balls, place them on the letters that make these sounds.

Distinguish Between Numbers And Letters

 Roll the ball over the number or lowercase letter called.

Multiple Step Directions

Stand in the middle circle, pick up the ball near the third number called, roll the ball over the third uppercase letter sound called.

Staff trainings / Work Shop


We are currently accepting staff trainings and work shop's

General Information

  • 2-3-hour trainings
  • Satisfies licensing requirements
  • Cost is $90 per hour
  • CKA: Teaching & Learning, Promoting Child Growth & Development
  • Observing Documenting & Assessing

Day School Teachers

  • Make use of transition time
  • Learn a variety of fun interactive games
  • Teach a multiple number of learning objectives in a short amount of time


  • Increase students listening and concentration skills
  • An aid in behavior management with more one-one-one time
  • Four levels of instruction challenge each student at his or  her academic level

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